Vegan Bacon Chickpea Wrap

I’ve gone vegan, once again.  But this time, it looks like it is going to be my new lifestyle.  I’ve found that my body will only function properly in an all plant based diet, and so from this point forward, my recipes will be, well, without any animal products.

Soooo…to kick things off, I made a delicious wrap that will make you keep eating and dreaming about it. Recipe below

History of Wraps

A wrap is a variation of a sandwich: a san…

#4 Sundays… Made For Discoveries

I find such comfort with simple things that were once part of my childhood.  Thirty years ago, Brazilians products in the U.S. was non-existence, so to find Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread) at your regular grocery store, was not only exciting, but also shows how much more diverse we’ve become.

I plan to write a recipe soon,  but for now you can get them at your local supermarket.  They are called Brazi Bites.   Now for my finds:


#3 Sundays…Made For Discoveries

I need to cook…Really. I. Do.  I am so behind in recipes and a few things have changed over the last few months. So…what better time to play catch up than on a Sunday!  My top five this week:

This plugin has not only made my life easier, but made me fall in love with designing again.
Contemplating on making this dish for Valentine’s Day.
 Yesterday was the 5 years anniversary of one my fav singers going home.  Love her.
Loved th…

#2 Sundays…Made For Discoveries

This week was pretty long to me.  A bit of stress at work so I needed to unwind and make my world more colorful.  Here are my top five this week:

This book has become my therapy.  It really does work.
I am finally catching up with these scandalous episodes.
Yes, this color will make you S.T.O.P. Obsessed with these lipsticks.
Gulp! love love love …need to have this polish on my beautiful nails asap!
I am a lyricist…so this so…

Sausage and Pineapple Fried Rice

Ok I will admit, there was a huge sale on pineapples this week and just like my mama, you cannot pass on a good sale. Hence another pineapple recipe this week. My mother was notorious for buying things on sale.  What the heck, she loved that word: SALE. It was like someone just pour a pot of gold on the ground and she went running to grab as much as she could before it all disappeared.  It was always funny to watch…let’s go pineapples!!!

I l…

Cucumber Pineapple Mojto

Summer is in, temperature is in all time high (120s) and I miss Miami.  They said that cucumber has cooling properties. Since  I needed to cool off from all this heat and save on my energy bill, I decided to take the theory to heart and mix cucumber, vodka and pineapples, thus,  creating my own version of a mojito.

The only time I drink Mojitos is when I visit Miami.  They have a special kind, I swear, that you cannot find anywhere else. I thi…

Pasta Carbonara – My Version

Bacon!!!!!!!  Pasta!!!!! Butter!!!!…..I need a moment.

Whenever a make this dish, I can eat the entire thing by myself. The more I eat, the more I want.  Oh the joy!

I love pasta!  Specially the ones made without ragu. I grew up eating aioli pasta which was made with olive oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper.  My grandpa knew how to make me happy.  He was the cook of the family and I can’t wait to replicate some of his dishes and share th…

#1- Sundays…Made For Discoveries

I love my Sundays.  I think it is the only time of the week that I wish it would rain.  It is the day I get to catch up on things around the globe and just veg….and find things that are funny, interesting and different…bizarre maybe? Here are few this week:

I am in love with these Williams-Sonoma Golden Bakeware – girl is drooling.
So proud of Jenne Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul. Making vegan looks delicious and fun. Love her stuff!

Indian Cuisine

Did I ever mention that Indian food has a very special place in my heart?! 🙂 (Bollywood music in the background)

I discovered Indian cuisine a decade ago while working alongside some food enthusiasts. They would drag me to every new ethnic restaurant in town.  One following week, we hit an Indian buffet and I kept hitting it week after week.  I became addicted and brought some new addicts with me.

Indian …

Brazilian Style Hot Dogs

The 4th of July holiday is this week and the amount of hot dog variations seen on IG are amazing.  The funny thing about me and hot dogs is that I only crave it if I see it.  Needless to say, after seeing all these photos of the wieners, I had to share my Brazilian version.

Hot dogs are both street and children’s party food in Brazil.  I grew up either eating them at parties or when my grandfather took me downtown.  Unlike in the US, hot dogs …

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