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Mirian Silva, Author at Aperitif

Author: Mirian Silva


Vegan Bacon Chickpea Wrap

I made a delicious wrap that will make you keep eating and dreaming about it. It is a vegan wrap but with lots of flavor. Recipe below History of Wraps A wrap is a variation of a sandwich: a sandwich has two distinct layers which are the top and bottom pieces of bread. A wrap, on the other hand, is…read more

#4 Sundays… Made For Discoveries

I find such comfort with simple things that were once part of my childhood.  Thirty years ago, Brazilians products in the U.S. was non-existence, so to find Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread) at your regular grocery store, was not only exciting, but also shows how much more diverse we've become. I plan to write a recipe soon,  but for now…read more

Cucumber Pineapple Mojto

Summer is in, temperature is in all time high (120s) and I miss Miami.  They said that cucumber has cooling properties. Since  I needed to cool off from all this heat and save on my energy bill, I decided to take the theory to heart and mix cucumber, vodka and pineapples, thus,  creating my own version of a mojito. The only time…read more

Pasta Carbonara – My Version

Bacon!!!!!!!  Pasta!!!!! Butter!!!!.....I need a moment. Whenever a make this dish, I can eat the entire thing by myself. The more I eat, the more I want.  Oh the joy! I love pasta!  Specially the ones made without ragu. I grew up eating aioli pasta which was made with olive oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper.  My grandpa knew how…read more

Indian Cuisine

Did I ever mention that Indian food has a very special place in my heart?! :) (Bollywood music in the background) I discovered Indian cuisine a decade ago while working alongside some food enthusiasts. They would drag me to every new ethnic restaurant in town.  One following week, we hit an Indian buffet and I kept hitting it week…read more