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Aperitif - Page 2 of 2 - Discovering Culture Through Food and Appetite

Brazilian Style Hot Dogs

The 4th of July holiday is this week and the amount of hot dog variations seen on IG are amazing.  The funny thing about me and hot dogs is that I only crave it if I see it.  Needless to say, after seeing all these photos of the wieners, I had to share my Brazilian version. Hot dogs are both street…read more

Brazilian Style Carrot Muffins

My mama would be sooooo proud of me right now.  I've found a way to ingest carrots...and I like it. I grew up hating carrots.  Raw, cooked, name it, I hated it.  If I saw them on my plate mixed with other foods, I would pick them out. When my mom cooked a dish with carrots, she would make a non-carrot…read more

Mango WhiskyRita

I must certainly have a cocktail before I eat in order to open up my appetite and after I eat, no more drinking, unless is water. lol.  I've never really been a fan of dark spirits (pun intended), I am more of a vodka-kinda-girl, however, my boo enjoys the brown things in life, so as I was preparing lunch, which is…read more

GF One Leche Apple Cake

A friend once asked me: "what makes you happy?" I replied with a huge grim: cake, cake, cake! (In my Rihanna's voice) And if you make it wet and sticky, I will worship it! Well, not to that extreme, but that is how much I truly love cakes. I recently began experimenting with a few cake flavors, which you will see…read more

Black Bean Veggie Burger

A few years ago, by doctor's order, I had gone straight vegan.  Not really knowing what was the cause of my high cholesterol, they decided that it was the best way to fix the issue.  However, I later discovered that it was my PCOS that was causing the spike and not necessarily the foods I was eating. I had to…read more
Events, Food

Arizona Taco Festival

"Why didn't I purchase tickets online?" The first words uttered out of my mouth when I arrived at the Arizona Taco Festival.  I was so close to turning around and going for burgers and beer somewhere after seeing that loooooooong line in the hot sun!   After two hours in line convinced by my one of friends, I was able…read more