Vegan Bacon Chickpea Wrap

I made a delicious wrap that will make you keep eating and dreaming about it. It is a vegan wrap but with lots of flavor. Recipe below History of Wraps A wrap is a variation of a sandwich: a sandwich has two distinct layers which are the top and bottom pieces of bread. A wrap, on the other hand, is…read more

Indian Cuisine

Did I ever mention that Indian food has a very special place in my heart?! :) (Bollywood music in the background) I discovered Indian cuisine a decade ago while working alongside some food enthusiasts. They would drag me to every new ethnic restaurant in town.  One following week, we hit an Indian buffet and I kept hitting it week…read more

Black Bean Veggie Burger

A few years ago, by doctor's order, I had gone straight vegan.  Not really knowing what was the cause of my high cholesterol, they decided that it was the best way to fix the issue.  However, I later discovered that it was my PCOS that was causing the spike and not necessarily the foods I was eating. I had to…read more